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As a designer, I want to create durable, beautiful, quality clothing.  Sourcing fabric is one of the most challenging and exciting parts of my job.  A recent addition to the ATD Line is our Organic & Natural Fibers.  My focus has been to source only organics that have been produced in the U.S.A.  I believe it is important to remain as local as possible, creating industry in our own country and local communities.  This practice has a second benefit environmentally: Keeping our footprint small.  The re-purposed plant-based fabrics I use are called Modal or Birchwood Modal.  The Modal is a natural fabric made from the beech tree and I include it with my domestic organics because the wash & wearability is essentially the same.  While Modal is plant-based, it goes through a similar processing as synthetics do during manufacturing.  This is why I buy designer-ends of Modal as well.  For more information on Modal, TRY THIS LINK. (Just know that we at ATD do not agree with Wikipedia about ironing the Modal... as expert Modal users, we say DON'T DO IT!).  Please have a look below to shop through my current selection of designs with organic & natural fabrics.
Why Domestic Organic Fabrics Rock
Cozy and Warm
Beautiful Colors
Local, Domestic Production
Help Tread Lightly On Our Earth

Why RE-Purposed, Plant-Based/Natural Fabrics Rock
Soft to the Touch
Wrinkle Resistant
Vibrant Colors
Recycled from other designers' over-production

Throughout the website, look for our Fiber Symbols displayed on each piece to guide you in purchasing and caring for your ATD garments.  Some of my designs have both Organic/Natural AND Designer-End Synthetic options.  Please refer to the Care Instructions page of the website, where you will find detailed care instructions customized for each fabric type to increase the longevity of your beautiful ATD garment.  Occasionally, designs (such as the Daphne Pant) will also have custom care instructions listed within their description.  Thank you for your interest and support.

Warm regards,

Autumn Teneyl Warner
Designer, Owner
Autumn Teneyl Designs