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IndieGoGo Contributors

Our deepest gratitude goes out to those that have shown their support to our company & our cause!
We has a successful campaign and are busy at work utilizing funds raised from our campaign to empower and employ the talented women of our new sew house, Southwest Creations Collaborative, in the production of Autumn's new Fall/Winter '13 Collection.

Many Thanks to the following patrons who helped make this endeavor possible. There were many more contributors who elected for their information to remain anonymous, but we are grateful for all of them as well!

Lisa Oney
Eve Rice-Whittenburg
Lynne & Dennis Lombard
Meghann McCormick
David Marshak
Chandra Jessee
Helen Platt
David Brittain
Elisabeth Salzgeber
Caroline Dyar
Jen Tuggle
Stephanie Ross
Darian Hall
Angela Haack
Tamara Clauson
Emily Washam
Tye Warner
Beth Suder
Cori & Jim Nelson