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Autumn Teneyl
Eco-Chic Fashion For Globally Conscious Women.

The Label:

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The Look:

Capricious and captivating, Autumn Teneyl is a celebration of eclectic chic: Luscious organics, stretch laces, vibrant colors, soft and flowing, body-conscious details; Glorious pants, tops and dresses with no binding stiffness to disrupt the grace and beauty of females in motion.
It’s not just a look ~
it’s a statement!

The Designer:

Autumn Teneyl is a fashion designer and artist best known for her feminine, free‐flowing designs. In the summer of 2000, Autumn found her
calling as a fashion designer. Her fluid designs were born against the natural backdrop of mountain music festivals, giant Aspen and bustling streams.
The mountain chic, homegrown label is owned by the designer, who is committed to an ethical and eco-conscious model in all areas of the business. Autumn is an advocate for the environment and the human condition, and she devotes annual time and revenue to these causes. Autumn utilizes domestically made organic fabrics and re-purposed designer‐end natural & synthetic fabrics to reduce the environmental burden of textile manufacturing. ATD offsets 100% of their operational and travel costs by purchasing renewable energy credits (REC’s) and has donated tens of thousands of dollars yearly to organizations such as the AIDS Foundation, Free A Child, public radio stations (KDNK, KGNU, KSUT, eTown) and environmental groups like Colorado Wild. Every garment is handmade in Colorado, USA.

Designer's Statement

"When I set out to make a new collection each season, it is with functional, conscious beauty in mind. My goal is to make each piece the first thing I would grab myself for an evening out or a day around town. The foundation of my collections is domestic organic cotton and hemp fabrics. I spend many hours sourcing and developing my color palettes to create distinction and harmony within each collection. The versatility is intended to reach every woman: the tailored, modern lines are very city appropriate, yet the functionality and comfort allow for a very natural fit & freedom of movement. I love the clothing and I hope you will too! Thank you for your patronage." ~Autumn Teneyl

The Contacts:

Jen Tuggle, Creative & Wholesale Director

Contact for Wholesale inquiries, Webmaster, Marketing, public relations & House of ATD operations. 'Jen of All Trades' does whatever needs to be done!
Email Jen

Allison Guimond, Studio Manager
Contact for questions/assistance with show bookings, business operations, sourcing and production
Email Allison

Breanna Kirsop, Customer Support Specialist
Contact for questions/assistance with products, placing orders, exchanges and general customer service
Email Bre

Dave Tuggle, Stock Room Manager/ Inventory Specialist
Contact for questions/assistance with shipping, freight, order confirmations and specialized support
Email Dave

Tara Robertson, Accounting Manager
Contact for questions/assistance regarding ATD financials & accounts payable/receivable
Email Tara

Autumn Teneyl's PR and Social Network Intelligence
Contact for inquiries/submissions of photos, stories, press, facebook, twitter and special news & events

Autumn’s Studio & Business Operations:
ATD LLC 157 S. 8th Street . Pagosa Springs . CO . 81147 . (970)264-1044 .